Swedish eCourses

Read a course at your own pace of the highest quality.

  • Swedish eCourses

    Even though the eCourses are manufactured in Sweden, it is in both Swedish and English. We mainly focus on CAD courses in the most common CAD programs. We currently have courses in Fusion 360 and FreeCAD.

  • Security

    Study at your own pace and do not risk losing any money. All my courses are free. In the future, there are courses that cost money, but then you have the opportunity to get your money back if you are not satisfied.

  • CAD Training for Inventors

    Read a course in product development. Become a modern inventor and take Sweden forward. Learning digital tools can facilitate the development phase and save a lot of time and money.

CAD, CAE & Product Development

  • CAD Education

    Swedish CAD distance education in the form of eCourses. I have been working with cad since 2012 and the first time I used a cad program was in 1997. And my first cad program was Auto CAD LT 97.

  • CAE

    Today's CAD program also supports CAE. But we also have courses in Ansys software. Learn advanced CAE.

  • Product Development

    Take a creative course in product development and get a mix of different disciplines. Learn to sketch, model in cad. Make simpler property calculations. Simulate simpler mechanisms.